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 The ladies of Eternal Etchings welcome you to our website.

Eternal Etchings is an award winning, family run, all female studio, with lots of bright, and friendly atmosphere, that sets it apart from most of the local tattoo establishments.The studio it's self is now going into it's 18th year in operation.


 Megan Murphy has her Bachelors Degree of Fine Art in Illustration, from the Maryland Institute College of Art. She started her tattooing career in Baltimore at Gypsy's Tattoo Studio where she worked for five years. Sixteen years ago with the help of her parents she started Eternal Etchings, and has now been tattooing for the last 20 years.

Shannon Murphy ( AKA ) SHANNON SKULLS is the studio's second artist, and Modification expert. Her Clients have now titled her as Cape May County's 1st, and only Ink Therapist. She Has been tattooing for 8 years. Her piercing modification studies are a 6 year cultivation of a wonderful apprenticeship,vast hours of study in the wonderful world of Elaine Angel's Piercing Bible, and lots of advice from my friends in the APP. She enjoys doing bright color work, as well as Black and Gray. She finds that traditional tattoo styles always warm her heart with history, and nostalgia. The crazier the design the better. She has a wild sense of humor ,but also known for her gentle bedside manor when it comes to a tattoo, or piercing.

Shannon is also very happy to now offer Permanent Cosmetic Tattooing. (AKA) Micro pigmentation. She has Been certified through the Beau Institute, She has completed all of her state of New Jersey Board of Health Requirements, and is licensed to use topical agents to ease all of the cosmetic procedures. To see a full spread of all her work you may look on the photo album here, under Forever Fabulous, or visit the Forever Fabulous FaceBook Page......

Debi Murphy Is the studio's 3rd Artist, She handle's all of our counter, and appointment set ups, She is the studios other Body Piercer and currently earning her Tattoo Apprenticeship from Shannon. So she is here for your Prick Fix!! and soon for your ink work as well.



We have temporary tattoos that are great for all ages. Now these are not just the kind you stick on with some water, and paper. They are done with a high quality theatrical paint. Same stuff used to create those great tattoos you see on all your favorite Hollywood stars in the movies. We also do the Smile Gems. They are great if you want to rock some cool 'bling' in a not so conventional way. A sweet little sparkle gem will add an awesome flash to any smile. :)


Our studio policy on Tattoos, and Body piercing's for minors is handled with these rules, and guidelines. We will tattoo 16 and 17 year old minors with proof of I.D., and permission from both the minor, and the parent. Birth certificate, or state I.D. will be taken from the minor along with birth certificate, or state I.D. from the parent as well. The last names must match, or you will be required to provide a custody document as further proof.

Body Piercing rules are as followed. We will not pierce any part of a minor under the age of 15, except the ear lobes without a sit down consultation  with both the parent, and the minor, this will be to see how well the minor can handle the concept of what healing a good body piercing requires, this is completely for their safety, and protection. No Dermal implants, surface bars, or Nipple piercings will be preformed on anyone under the age of 18 by law! We do not perform any genitalia piercings at our studio, but can recommend safe, and talented studios, and modification experts to perform them for you.

The minor, and parent will both need all of the same I.D. for the piercing as before mentioned required for the tattooing of a minor. We keep these guidelines for your safety and protection, as a client of our studio.

Eternal Etchings uses only single use, autoclave, sterile needles and equipment. All NJ and local Health Department standards are strictly complied with. Megan, and Shannon both comply with all the standards of the Alliance of Professional Tattooists, and every year renew the Blood Borne Pathogens Exam which is also required by N.J. state law. You are always welcome to ask to see any of our certificates, or sterile practices, and equipment.

 There is a wide variety of "flash" (commercially prepared tattoo designs) to choose from. You are also more than welcome to bring in your own images, and ideas, the ladies will gladly give a quote for custom work.

 Most standard flash designs start at $75- $150 depending on size, colors, and complexity.

Megan is now an award winning artist, who's most public claim to fame is the tattoo of a dragon on the neck of (Mr. "Thong Song") Sisqo, formerly of Dru Hill, and the painting on the back of Charlie Sheen's jacket in the major motion picture "Major League II".

Shannon Skulls has become known for her calm, and gentle way. She is always there with whatever the client may need. Her unique approach as to how to style her clients design, or accent modification, has given her a place all her own in the studio.


Please Call for further Information, or to find out about an appointment.

(609) 886-6488

You can also reach us at our email address,Or chat with us on FaceBook.

[email protected]

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